2 page, direct strategy informational report using memo format.

2 page, direct strategy informational report using memo format..

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TO: Students

FROM: Instructors

DATE: February 26, 2020


You will write a two-page, direct strategy informational report using memo format.

Your supervisor:

Richard Morrie, Office Manager


Your position:

office assistant (your.name@Techport.ca)

As an office assistant, you will prepare and respond to routine email, such as requests for information, claims, and adjustments. You will also write reports and other correspondence. You’ll communicate internally with your supervisor (Mr. Morrie) and externally with customers, suppliers, and various contractors.

Contact information:


10 Radcliffe Drive

Halifax, NS B3M 4K7

(902) 555-6664


About the company, Techport:

Techport is an online retailer that sells and services electronics such as computers, computer accessories, printers, tablets, cell phones, etc.

Techport sells products from reputable brands such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, and others.

Techport also provides client services, such as installation, repair, and tech support.

Who you are: the office assistant at Techport (refer to case scenario)

Who your reader is: Richard Morrie, office manager at Techport

Background information: Techport has been invited to participate in a “Lunch & Learn” session at the Halifax Central Library organized by the Atlantic Canada Entrepreneurs Organization. Richard Morrie will give a short talk on the topic of “Data Security for Small Businesses.” To help him prepare, he has asked you to create an informational report presenting the importance of data security, specific examples of cyber security threats, and potential solutions for small business owners.

Your task:

1.Find a minimum of three credible sources published within the past five years to gather information for your report. Credible sources include relevant national news media, trade journals and magazines, etc.

2.Write a full two-page (plus reference list), direct strategy informational memo report for Mr. Morrie. After your introduction, logically organize the body of the report to describe the significance of data security for small businesses, then identify and discuss three specific cyber security threats, and ways to prevent them. Conclude your report by summarizing your research, highlighting the most relevant information for your reader.

3.Revise your drafts to ensure your message follows the instructions given here, in your COMM class, and on the checklist.

Please correctly acknowledge all your sources using APA citation style.

Keep a list of your research and sources:

2 page, direct strategy informational report using memo format.

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