2 peer reviews

2 peer reviews.

Can you help me understand this Psychology question?



Hi Class,

In order to teach my team about the new software, I would use Observational Learning. Observational learning is a process of learning by being observant of someone else. It requires someone to watch, retain the information, and then replicate later. The team would observe another individual’s task being demonstrated (i.e. using the new software). During this time, the training team would be retaining that information by watching, writing down, or etc. Then, the training team would reproduce what they just saw. By this being a software training team, they would copy what the trainer taught them in order to succeed at the job. I think this will be successful because this is how I was taught to do every job I have worked and even unconsciously, this is a natural way of learning. Even children learn how to do tasks by observational learning. They watch their parents do something and they imitate. This way of learning is popular.


The approach I will use in training my team about the new software is the observational learning. I believe that when you show someone how something works they can get what you’re talking about. I think that with observational learning you can both have an opportunity for questions and show a step by step method on how it is done. In observational learning it not only allows you to ask questions, but also gives you room to how it is being done and then repeat the same thing step by step. It’s like cooking, when I have my kids in the kitchen teaching them how to cook, I think it is not only fun but it is educational and a good hands on experiences, I know for myself when I see how something is done, I now have a visual so it is very hard for me to forget the steps that was taken to successfully complete the task.

2 peer reviews

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