21st century careers assignment o net skills search

21st century careers assignment o net skills search.

In this activity, take the no cost, online O*Net Skills Search. The Skills Search is from the U. S. Department of Labor. “O*Net” refers to the Occupational Information Network.

Go through an example to see what kind of information you’ll get from doing O*Net’s Skills Search.

After taking the Skills Search, write a 400- to 500-word reflection about your experience in taking it and you’ve learned. the Skills Search takes about 10 minutes to complete. You choose skills that you have, or will get, in six categories: basic, social, complex problem-solving, technical, systems, and resource management. You may enter as many skills as you want, but you don’t have to enter skills in each category.

Once you click on “Go,” you’ll quickly get a list of occupations that match your skills. At the top of your list are occupations for which all of your selected skills are considered very important. In the left column of your results page, you can see how many of your skills match each occupation.

The “Job Zone” column shows how long it takes to prepare for a given occupation.

And you’ll find loads of great information about each occupation in the Summary and Details Reports. Look there to find each occupation’s

  • Tasks done on the job
  • Knowledge required
  • Skills used
  • Abilities needed
  • Work activities
  • Work context
  • Interests that match this work
  • Work values that typify this work
  • Work needs or values

Best of all – check out the Related Occupations and the state-by-state wage comparisons. Find these at the end of each report. How your skills can be used in other occupations may surprise you.

Note:Please answer if you were me in some sense

DOnt like math, science or handy stuff. more in to management, business and human service, Corrections, coaching, good communication, verbal, writing skills ECT.

21st century careers assignment o net skills search

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