3-4 pages essay ( thesis driven academic paper )

3-4 pages essay ( thesis driven academic paper ).

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Please choose and answer one of the following three questions in a thesis driven academic paper.

Q1: When you realized that diversity is a part of your life, what sense contributed to this understanding and why?

Q2: Should the United States maintain lenient immigration laws or do we need to be more stringent about people wanting to immigrate to our country?

Q3: Doe Affirmative Action, as we see it today, improve social equality, or does it create more confusion and complication?


  • there is no right or wrong answer for the three questions. I am looking for your analysis and synthesis in your paper. Please refer to our grading rubric for more information.
  • 3 pages double spaced
  • mid term paper is worth 140 points;
  • you should cite at least three references to concepts or themes from our assigned readings;( I will attach the readings )
  • write this essay in which you illustrate how you affirm and/or challenge the assumptions asked in the question regarding diversity, multiculturalism and challenges of diversity.

Paper Formatting and Submission:

1. The paper will be written using New Times Roman (12 point font), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and APA style. The cover page and reference page are not counted as part of the 3 page minimum length. As this is a formal paper, you should write an introduction, body, and conclusion consisting of well thought out and well-developed paragraphs that include smooth transitions from one idea to the next.

2. Citations: Please use proper APA citation for all cited materials in-text and in your Reference List.

Important Note: APA format has a specific set of rules for citing an interview. Please refer to our syllabus for more information on APA format requirements.

3-4 pages essay ( thesis driven academic paper )

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