300-500 words essay ( I need it in less than hour)

I’m studying for my History class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Please do it in less than 45 min if you can and I will give you a decent tip>

This is essay instruction:

Your essay response does not have to use specific quotations or citations from the readings, but I expect your information to be accurate and your arguments well thought out. You are allowed to exceed the 500 word count if you feel that you need more space to make your argument. I won’t fault you for thinking too much, but I will take points off if I feel that your answer is too short and does not give enough detail (basically, if your essay is below 300 words or so).

This is the topic you should write about:

Nonwhites continued to be excluded from nearly every definition of freedom during the Progressive Era (political, economic, and social). Describe the situations of several of these nonwhite groups (such as African Americans and immigrants), and make sure to address the situation of women.

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