300 words Difficult Volunteers and Resolution Techniques

300 words Difficult Volunteers and Resolution Techniques.

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You are a new Volunteer Manager, managing a group of volunteers. You are having a very difficult time with Sally, a longtime volunteer with the organization. Unexpectedly, Sally explodes, becomes furious, and throws an embarrassing tantrum. You have received numerous complaints about Sally from other volunteers, staff, and clients. Your director asked you to handle the situation.

  • Describe the techniques that you think would be most useful to come to a resolution that will be best for everyone involved.
  • Explain how you might use coaching to improve the performance of your volunteers.
  • Describe the value of a rewards and recognition program.
  • How could you apply a rewards and recognition program to help you avoid problems like Sally’s in the future?


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Chapter 11: Volunteer and Staff Relations

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Chapter 7: Keeping the Volunteers You Have

300 words Difficult Volunteers and Resolution Techniques

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