3500 report

3500 report.

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The subject is analysis mexican street food which opened around middlesex street


Highlights – conclusions from each part numbers ( Highlights should comprise circa 400 words of conclusions from each part of the Mullins adapted model. )


Macro market – WISPA, DENTS,ROAR,PEST( K_2 pdf)

Macro industry- DIL, 5 GAPS, RAGs, CRIMSON BLADE (K_3,4)

Micro market- CWISAT, 7Q, PAIN, P&C,3T, Future proof, T&G ( K_7 pdf)

Micro industry-Journey plan,L&P,FACT,TERC (K_7a pdf)

Cash & Risk- GETplus4, VE,CF,PB,RA,CP,LC,IC (K_8)

Recommendation- Dashboard and conclusion ( Recommendation should reflect the conclusions of each part of the analysis. The recommendation need not be positive, i.e. the business is not feasible because….., and above all should reflect the conclusions of the report. )

Eureka- something special u understood, when did it happen, how did it change u , why important ( ureka should comprise circa 200 words and describe how the module has influenced your thinking on business, and which particular moment in at least one of the seminars or lectures helped formulate your new thinking! )

Bibliography- reference( At least 20# references in the bibliography. Referencing is important in all academic and business report,)


3500 report

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