4 pages (single spaced) Challenges of Chinese Silk Road?

4 pages (single spaced) Challenges of Chinese Silk Road?.

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Overview: You will be responsible for finishing a literature review for your research paper. We

have previously talked about what makes a good literature review, and it would be beneficial to

go back to this section and figure out what this looks like. Looking at how previous scholars and

I structured our literature review may help you figure out how to address your own review.

Goal: To specifically address the research around a problem, what has been done, what is

missing in the research, and the plan of your research to either fill a research gap or replicate

previous findings.

Specific Instructions:

  • The funnel method: We talked previously about using the funnel method. You can
  • structure your Literature reviews to tackle big ideas first and then narrow down to

    smaller or more specific ones, in the context of your research topic.

  • Other structures
  • o Chronologically: How have scholars changed how they have viewed your

    research topic/question over time?

    o Thematically: How have different explanations or “schools” come to explain the

    most important factor in explaining your research question? Sometimes

    researchers focus on different factors that play a role. Either of these work.

  • There should be a section in your review (usually at the end) where you explain how
  • your paper will fill the hole you found in the literature or how you will re-examine some

    view of the literature.

  • Your literature review should be at least 4 to 5 pages (single spaced). Of course the
  • length of your literature is dependent on the literature you are investigating. I will

    reward thorough reviews. However, literature reviews DO NOT explain entire articles

    and are not annotated bibliographies.

    o As discussed in class, it may be helpful to prepare a mind-map or flow-chart of

    your literature review before you begin writing. This will help you have a clear


    4 pages (single spaced) Challenges of Chinese Silk Road?

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