5 annotated bibliograpies and 1 page reflection on bibliographies

5 annotated bibliograpies and 1 page reflection on bibliographies.

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Annotated Bibliography

the annotated bibliographies have be five articles on the same topic within corrections.

  • student shall locate and read five (5) peer-reviewed journal articles from the TAMUCT online library databases, related to three general topic: corrections.

  • The topics of law enforcement are very broad – the student should identify a more specific area within each general topic and make that the focus for the annotated bibliography. I am including some examples below – these are just a few of the many areas the student could focus on
  • Corrections (e.g., institutional, community (probation/parole), offenders, facilities)
  • o Inappropriate relationships between inmates and COs o Probation/parole officer discretion o Inmates with mental health o Reintegration of offenders
  • Once the student has read the articles, he/she will summarize them, succinctly, in one page each (no more than one page, no less than ¾ of a page). Thus, each annotated bibliography should not exceed 5 pages. The student will not receive credit for articles that are not peer-reviewed. These are to be summaries, not critiques of the articles.

Reaction Essays 1page

These essays will be written in reaction to the content included in the annotated bibliographies. The reaction essays should reflect a careful consideration about what you think about what you have read and written in the annotated bibliography assignments.

5 annotated bibliograpies and 1 page reflection on bibliographies

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