500 word discussion about Aristotle

500 word discussion about Aristotle.

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Read Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics Book II. 1. Explain Aristotle’s theory (make sure you quote from the text) and then apply it to the following contemporary ethical issue:

2. In Donald Trump’s address to the United Nations last year he stated, “We [Americans] are guided by outcomes, not ideology.” Read the full text in the attached Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article. What would Aristotle say about this? Would he agree with Trump? Challenge Trump? How does Aristotle’s ethic “line-up” with what Trump is advocating? Again, make sure you quote from both sources, Aristotle and the WSJ, in giving your answer.

3. What are your own thoughts on the matter? Explain and defend them.

500 word discussion about Aristotle

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