7.2 Applying Toulmin’s Questions (and a few others) (READ/POST)

7.2 Applying Toulmin’s Questions (and a few others) (READ/POST).

I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

Hello Professor,

1. My teacher wants us to answer some of the questions before we write an essay, It is 9 questions that we have to answer based on what we’re going to write.

2. I will post the questions for you to answer them for me, and I will also post the prompt of the essay to help you to answer the questions.

3. Please answer them based on the prompt and based on what my teacher wants and be specific with answering the questions.

4. I posted the question of the essay that we have to read to answer the questions, and please answer the questions with your own words, and be specific.

7.2 Applying Toulmin’s Questions (and a few others) (READ/POST)

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What is my Claim?
  3. What position do I want my audience to take?
  4. Where must my audience begin so that they will take the steps I want them to take and agree to my claim?
  5. What is the linking idea between grounds and claim?
  6. Is the move from grounds to claim safe and reliable?
  7. What are my warrants?
  8. What possibilities might upset the argument?
  9. Is a qualification necessary?

Submit the answers to each of these questions. Beyond that, I’d want to see you in dialogue with each other about it, so please respond to at least two people; if you make it a point to respond to someone who doesn’t have any responses, that should help everyone get some feedback.

The responses should be descriptive, rather than prescriptive. Tell your peer what you think they might consider regarding their claim, what a different audience’s response might be, and recommend a resource they might want to consider.

Paper 2: Cultivating Persona: The picture of the question of the essay.

7.2 Applying Toulmin’s Questions (and a few others) (READ/POST)

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