Adding Functionality To The ATM Machine

Adding Functionality To The ATM Machine.

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**This is the second part of a homework we’ve worked with together, this part just requires updating the software and adding a few functions to it**

Another critical function that needs to be added is the ability to deposit checks and cash into either a checking or a savings account via the ATM Machine. The way that this will work is the ATM Machine user will tell the machine that they want to make a deposit. The machine will then ask them if they want to make a deposit into their checking or savings account. It will then tell them to insert an envelope that contains the funds. The user will then be asked to enter the amount that has been entered and their account will be updated with that amount. Humans will later on check the envelope to ensure that the proper amount is there and if there are any issues, then the account balance will be corrected. Update your software to support the depositing of funds into either a person’s checking account or savings account. Additionally, every user has an existing balance in their checking and savings account. Obviously they cannot withdraw more money than they have in their account and the ATM machine must inform them of this if they try. You can assume that the ATM has been loaded with $1,000 in the following denominations: 25 $20 bills, 25 $10 bills, 40 $5 bills, and 50 $1 bills. The ATM machine will attempt to provide every customer with money using the largest available bills assuming that the machine still has enough money to fulfill the request – denominations don’t matter (i.e. it could use all $1 if that’s all that it had left). The ATM machine should be programmed to display “Wrong PIN”, “Unrecognized card”, “Out of money – cannot complete transaction”, “No account to transfer to”, and “Insufficient funds for transfer”. The machine should “eat” the ATM card if the PIN is entered incorrectly 4 times. You have to ask the user via the keyboard if they want to use their checking / savings account and how much they’d like to transfer between accounts. Make sure that you inform the customer if their savings activity will cause them to incur an additional charge.

Adding Functionality To The ATM Machine

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