Advocating for a diet for weight loss

Advocating for a diet for weight loss.

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This week you read one of two articles discussing several diets and their impact or potential impact on weight loss. In this discussion, you should use information from the peer reviewed article as well as what you have learned in class and from your readings to identify one diet for weight loss and address the following points:

(First, identify the diet for which you are advocating)

A. What evidence exists that this diet can be effective for weight loss

B. What other potential health benefits (in addition to weight loss) does this diet provide?

C. How realistic is it for an individual to use this diet for weight loss AND weight maintenance in the long term and what factors may impact this ability?

D. What drawbacks does this potential diet have? (these could be health, social, environmental, etc).

Advocating for a diet for weight loss

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