All the requirements is there

All the requirements is there.

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8-1 Discussion

Discuss the nature of intrapreneurship within the setting of an existing organization and a potential specific opportunity.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


Business Domain: Manufacturing

Business: Business Development Plan for Red Bull’s Red Bull Sugar Free.


The purpose of Module Eight is for students to examine their company to look for entrepreneurial opportunities. Whereas the discussion last week was on creating new value from within the parent organization, in this module the focus will be on seeking to spin off from the parent organization in order to use external means to take advantage of some market opportunity. In this module, the market opportunity will be assessed assuming a solution will be external to the parent organization, that is, an entrepreneurial activity not embedded within the parent organization but as a stand-alone business.

Post 400+ words

between 2 to 4 citations for the post.

1 citation for each reply (2)

All the requirements is there

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