Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography.

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The topic is Should the death penalty be abolished?

Annotated Bibliography: Locate 6—8 sources on your topic and for each source: 1) Provide a proper MLA citation. Entries should be in alphabetical order. 2) Indicate how the source was located, provide a brief overview of the book or essay’s contents, and indicate how it will contribute to your paper. One of these sources must be a creative, non-conventional source, i.e. a respected video, an interview, an audio presentation, an interview, a documentary, an oral presentation, a personal letter from an expert, etc. 200-300 words per source, not including bibliographic information. Indicate your word count at the end of each annotation.In your post, briefly summarize the kind of research you found and your main areas of concern you hope your classmates can help you with in the workshop.

Annotated Bibliography

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