answer 23 questions

answer 23 questions.

I need help with a Marketing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Need these 24 questions answered

2. What is the difference between Shotgun Approach Vs Rifle Approach?

3. What is the Strategic Plan of a business? How often should it be updated?

4. If a company has pursued 25 projects in 2018 and won 9 projects, what is their “Win-rate” for the year?

5. When tracking your marketing efforts mention a few tactics that can be used to track the level of marketing activity.

6. You have been asked to lead an effort to develop the company’s strategic plan. Who will you invite to be a part of the strategic planning process?

7. How does the Pareto Principle applies to the business development process and strategic plan?

8. List at least 3 methodologies for developing your marketing budget (Budgeting for Business Acquisition”).

9. What are the two types of selection process most commonly seen for Design-Build projects?

10. What is qualitative research? Give an example.

11. What is differentiation? Provide an example how a company can differentiate itself from its competitors.

12. What is Primary research versus Secondary research? Provide an example of each.

13. From the Project Deliveries discussed in class which one offers the highest level of collaboration and team integration? Why?

14. What is the difference between competitor intelligence and competitor analysis?

15. What is quantitative research? Give an example.

16. When implementing a marketing plan organizations can face a wide variety of challenges. Name at least 4 of them.

17. What is the relationship between project delivery methods and commercial approach (Risk)? Mention two examples regarding how they could affect the business development and pursuit strategy.

18. Provide two (2) examples of a product or service for each of the following stages of its life cycle:

Example 1

Example 2









19. Cortes Construction Company was a local $5 million contractor that was dependent upon 3 key repeat clients for the majority of its work.

Problem: Cortes construction sales have leveled off for the past three years. It was known only among its clients. Moreover, aggressive competition was pursuing his existing clients. What strategy would you recommend?

20. As we look at the marketing mix, what are the four P’s? Give an example of each using the design and construction industry.

21. When gathering competitor intelligence (CI) what are at least four things one would like to know?

22. What are the four (4) basic functions of management?

23. What are the 4 phases of the “Winning Business Development Process?” Why are they important?

24. What are the five (5) parts to a Strategic Plan?

answer 23 questions

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