Answer the following question

Answer the following question.

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Answer the following questions using at least 3 sources.

– Double spaced

– 1 paragraph per question


1. What are the main differences between soldering, brazing and braze welding?

2. What are the most commonly used alloys as solder and brazing filler metal?

3. If using silver as solder, how do you justify the costs in manufacturing? What are the main parameters in your justification?

4. What are some of the attractive feature of furnace brazing as compared with other brazing techniques?

5. What is the role of capillary action in soldering and brazing?

6. What does happen if you do not use flux during soldering operation?

7. What are the benefits and drawbacks of Thermit Welding?

8. Why Thermit welding is also called exothermic welding?

Answer the following question

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