Answer these two Religion History Questions.

Answer these two Religion History Questions..

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1. Discussion: seriously consider these examples and ask “what is there” – what do you actually see – and then “what should I think?” – about what these 3 examples tell us. Remember, de Brosses, Darwin, and Wilbert, were each brilliant scholars and representative of the values and assumptions of their own age. What do they teach us about the Study of Religion and in reflection, ourselves? What does it say about how we innately perceive and think? What does it say about what you are bringing to the study of religion? (3/4 of a page long)

2. Read Black Elk’s biography (google search) and then the vision and its performance. Could you compare the symbolism of the different seasons/directions in Black Elk’s vision, or that of the cosmic symbolism of the sacred pipe, with the symbolism of the Lenape Big House? What did you see as common about the relation of human life and the cosmos? Think if our present cosmology defined by the cosmogony of the Big Bang allows us to find a way to integrate our existence with the rest of cosmos? What might the ecological consequences be? (3/4 of a page long).

Answer these two Religion History Questions.

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