Answer to this discussion prompt and then write replies to this comments.

Answer to this discussion prompt and then write replies to this comments..

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Provide an analysis of the CDC infographic Water Use Around the World.

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Comment 1

Water cleanses our system, hydrates our body, and helps grow plants. Water plays a vital role in many life forms. In the given image, shows how the U.S dominated the world over the use of water per person. Reflecting on the image, it gathers so much sadness and empathy that many people are not getting enough water each day. Many people especially in Mali, West Africa are deprived of not having enough water that other countries like the United States have abundant. Some people misuse water and they do not see the value of it. Imagine a child that is not getting an adequate amount of water? They are likely prone to many diseases, they are most likely dehydrated, they are a risk for infections, and they are delirium. We happen to be living in a country that has enough supply of water for each person and our access to clean water makes us healthy. Oftentimes we see infographics similar to this that catch our attention. That being said, this information is intended for the general public all over the world that has access to the CDC website. It is a great reminder that water is not to waste. Although the data seems to be inaccurate, it does not mean that we overuse water, it tells us that we should use water wisely. Because our one day of use is equal to almost two months for them.

Comment 2

I found this infographic very interesting because the number of gallons that the average US person uses per day was astounding. We as US citizens are blessed to have the access to use copious amounts of water for our everyday lives. I have not been to these other countries to know how critical it is to have water. I believe that we as a country are taking the water situation, we have for granted. I personally take very quick showers as I learned at a very young age even though I lived in apartment where we don’t have to pay for water. I found it very interesting that Mali only uses 3 gallons per day for the average person. I believe this would be nearly impossible for the average person to do so in the US. I personally drink almost a gallon of water a day and to think people in Mali only use 3 gallons per day is astounding.

Answer to this discussion prompt and then write replies to this comments.

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