Art 100 Reflection

Art 100 Reflection.

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In his influential book, Ways of Seeing, John Berger states:

“Today we see the art of the past as nobody saw it before. We actually perceive it in a different way….The invention of the camera changed the way people saw. The visible came to mean something different to them.”

During the last century, photography has had a profound effect on the creation, perception and interpretation of works of art. Painters, including Chuck Close and David Hockney, often use photography in creative ways in their work.

We often take linear perspective for granted, but it’s not the only way to construct space in a two-dimensional image.

Your Assignment

In this writing assignment, you will submit a 600-750 word (approximately one page) short analysis (aka “tiny” paper), in which you examine and discuss the photographic “joiners” of contemporary artist David Hockney. This format requires you to condense your ideas and focus only on those that are directly relevant to the topic.

Step One: Watch these Videos

Watch this short video Pearblossom Highway, about the creation of this photographic montage, or “Joiner”, by contemporary artist David Hockney.

Watch this video in which David Hockney demonstrates and explains how and why he makes joiners.

Step Two: Write your Reflection

In 600 to 750 words, reflect on the reasoning behind Hockney’s approach to making joiners and how they change our experience of seeing. As you reflect, select one of the joiner images (below) and compare it with The School of Athens (also below). Be sure to include direct references to specific areas of the image you select and discuss.

Address the following issues and support your ideas with careful observations of the images:

  1. How is the execution of a joiner is similar to or different from the way a painter makes a painting using brush and paints?
  2. How is perspective in a joiner very different from that in a traditional painting, such as The School of Athens, by Raphael, below?
  3. How does this approach impact the way a viewer experiences time in the image?

Examples of Joiners

Click this link to find joiner images.

Please use 12 point Times New Roman, single-spaced, and be concise.


This reflection topic is broadly framed and there is no right or wrong answer. Instead, you will be graded on how well you demonstrate your ability to think clearly about this topic and to logically support your ideas with concepts from the reading, video, and class discussion.

Before you submit your reflection, take a little more time to proofread your work to make sure that what you write actually conveys what you intend to say. Your answers must be clearly-written, well-supported, grammatically correct, and free of spelling and punctuation errors. This is a college level assignment!

Please review the Grading Rubric before you begin.

Earn a High Grade

  1. Before you begin, read all of the instructions, as well as the rubric.
  2. Organize what you plan to say before you write.
  3. Focus on the key ideas contained in the reading and videos.
  4. Write concise and complete sentences that clearly convey what you intend to say.
  5. Write in present tense. This will help to simplify and clarify your sentence structure.
  6. As much as possible, do not refer to yourself or frequently say “I”.
  7. Support your statements with careful observations about the art.
  8. Include your own insights that support your key points.

Art 100 Reflection

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