Article critique – Information Media (technology)

Article critique – Information Media (technology).

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I have two article that I need to do article critique on.


1. Introduction

2. Summary

a. Research problem, goal, questions, and/or hypothesis

b. Research methods (data sources, procedures, participants)

c. Variables

d. Findings

3. Critique

a. Are the chosen research methods appropriate to answer the research question(s)?

b. Do the results/findings of the study address/answer the questions/goals/hypothesis as well as fill the gaps related to the issues/problems/controversies?

c. Are there any limitations of research design found?

d. Is research grounded in theory and previous literature?

e. Is the article timely and relevant?

f. Is there evidence of bias or a conflict of interest?

4. Conclusion

a. Summary of your critique

b. Potential implications

c. Recommendation for further research

Article critique – Information Media (technology)

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