Article Review

Article Review.

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Students will read one article from the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis during the

course of the semester. Research articles may be found at or from the instructor’s personal library.

Additional guidelines for completing the review will be provided to students. Students

should read the article, paying particular attention to the methods/procedures section of

the article. In at least 3 FULL pages, students will analyze the procedures used in the

journal article, outlining each of the specific points in the article that correspond with the

appropriate section in the textbook (Mayer et al.). That is, students will show how the

procedures outlined in the text are utilized in the procedures outlined in the article,

making specific reference to sections/pages in the text. Reviews should be typed,

double spaced, in 12 point font, with no more than 1 inch margins. At the top of the

page, please put only your name; do not include the date, the class, the professor’s

name, the name of the assignment, etc. Students should also upload a copy of the

entire article used for their review to Canvas with the article review assignment. Points

will be deducted for reviews not following this format. Presentation of the article

analysis is also a component of the grade for this assignment.

Article Review

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