Assignment: 02

Assignment: 02.

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Learning Outcomes:

• Formulate and assess the effectiveness of strategies and techniques leaders use to lead and manage change.

• Create and recommend a change management process that engages and motivates employees and fosters creativity and innovation.

To complete the assignment:

  • Read Chapter 14, page 464 Self Assessment Exercise, “Developing a Strategic Plan.” (See attachment)
  • Complete both the Directions and the Discussion Questions sections.
  • Good business communication is short and concise.
  • Most students’ papers will be within the 3-5 page range for this assignment, not including title, abstract and references.
  • 2-3 scholarly references.
  • When composing your paper, consult the rubric to ensure you have included all necessary components.

Your paper must be submitted according to APA 6th edition conventions.

Assignment: 02

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