Assignment 6: 10 Decision Making Factors and Your Plan

Assignment 6: 10 Decision Making Factors and Your Plan.

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The company I decided on is establishing my own recording studio

  1. In the spirit of building upon what we’ve accomplished thus far, for your assignment this week, you should repost all of your revised assignments from lessons 1-5. These are the beginning of your leadership and career blueprint. By the end of the course, you will have created a working document for you to take away and apply to your career.
  2. Please analyze your current industry plan in light of all of the 10 decision-making factors covered in this week’s lesson and reading. Be sure to look for intangibles and hidden potential in your analysis and support your findings. To further support your findings, please identify one notable music industry decision of the last 10 years, and analyze it in terms of four of these factors we’ve looked at (see below). How effectively did leadership address these factorsdo you agree with their approach?
  3. In addition to your look at “time” in the above factors consideration, please also list and describe three enforceable and measurable deadlines that you can integrate in to your career plan and leadership approach.

Assignment 6: 10 Decision Making Factors and Your Plan

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