Base on the article, answer the question correctly

Base on the article, answer the question correctly.

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1. Summarize the background (from introduction) in 5 sentences or less.

2. Identify the specific questions.


1. How was the purpose/problem addressed in this article? Identify the approach, and define the variables (i.e. how were variables measured).

Results & Discussion

1.Write one or more paragraph to summarize the MAIN results for this manuscript.

2.Do the results answer the SPECIFIC QUESTION(S)? What do you think they mean?

3. Do you agree with how the investigators interpreted the results? Can you come up with any alternative way of interpreting them?

4. Do the authors identify any weaknesses in their own study? Do you see any that the authors missed? (Don’t assume they’re infallible!)

5. What do they propose to do as a next step? Do you agree with that?

6. How could the gerontologist practitioner use these findings?

Once you have answered these questions, please post the word (or pdf) document here.

Remember, answers to each question should be CONCISE.

Base on the article, answer the question correctly

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