Biology Cancer

Biology Cancer.

I’m trying to learn for my Biology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

When the Cell Cycle Runs Amok: Cancer” (pp. 168-169). Address the following (~400 words total):

1. How does a normal cell become a cancerous cell? What has to happen to it?

2. The video resources above focus on the telomerase enzyme role in cancer development. Explain the connection between telomerase activity and cancer.

3. The textbook essay focuses on a mutation that can happen in white blood cells that leads to blood cancer, leukemia. Explain the connection between BCR-ABL mutation and leukemia.

4. Propose a scenario where telomerase and BCR-ABL proteins are active in the same cell.

Response to 2 of your fellow classmates and post your comments and reactions as appropriate. I will post when they respond.

Biology Cancer

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