Book Discussion

Book Discussion.

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Book Club Discussion 4: Chapters 8, 9, 10

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Reflect on and respond to one of the following questions:

  1. The Forest and the Trees: biodiversity decreases as we move away from the equator. Climate change is a driving force in the extinction of many plant species and as a result many animals are losing their habitat. Explain what is meant by “latitude diversity gradient”. Describe 3 theories that explain why biodiversity increases near the equator.
  2. In ecology, what is meant by “species-area relationship”? Why is the current rate of warming causing more impacts than previous warming periods? What is its effect on organisms? How does Silman’s work suggest that global warming will “reconstruct” ecological communities.
  3. The BDFFP is one of the largest and longest-running ecological experiments. It is important to our understanding of the loss of biodiversity. A defining feature of the Anthropocene is that human-induced global environmental change compels species to migrate, yet humans also create barriers to this movement. What happened between ranchers and the Brazilian government that resulted in the creation of the BDFFP? Explain how “wild lands” are not longer truly “wild”. How has change in land use affected the atmosphere? What are the implications of this on a global scale?
  4. The New Pangaea: species movement and invasive species impact on ecosystems. Explain how the movement of species is a “high-stakes game”. What are the possible outcomes? What is the global effect of the sudden increase in movement of species? What are possible consequences in order to kill off a previous invasive species? Which species is “arguably the most successful invader in biological history”? Pick two distinct pieces of evidence from the book to support your claim.

Do not use quotes – the posting must be in your own words and demonstrate that you have read the assigned chapters. Use examples from the book, and not just one chapter. The questions are written to help you engage the material in Kolbert’s book.

Write in complete sentences, narrative form, no bullet-points. 300 words minimum. Do not use any sources outside this book

Book Discussion

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