Book Review

Book Review.

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Write a 1500-2000 words review of Royden Loewen’s Horse and Buggy Genius (University of Manitoba Press, 2016). You may use additional sources to enhance your response, but this is not required.

You must use citations for direct quotations and information and examples taken from the book. You should use endnotes/footnotes and University of Chicago style. You must include a bibliography, or list of references/works cited.

Your response must be typed out, double-spaced, and must be in word format and NOT as a pdf.

The paper should:

(1) Give an overview of the book

(2) Identify and discuss the book’s thesis

(3) In at least five paragraphs provide at least 5 examples, complete with examples from the book, that the author uses to make his main argument

(4) In one paragraph discuss whether the primary research of the book supports the author’s main thesis

(5) Evaluate how well the author makes his argument.

Book Review

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