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Business Consulting.

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Bolman and Deal Chapters 15-17

Block Chapters 16-17

Read the chapters (they are attached). What are the reframing and implementation issues that you personally feel are most important and could be a factor that could alter your team’s effectiveness when dealing with the organization you will consult? Explain how you plan to help your organization work through these issue(s) if they occur? 350 words minimum.


Respond to this standpoint and state what you agree with or disagree with in 100 words.


One reframing and implementation issue that I strongly believe could be a factor in altering my team’s effectiveness is motivation and engagement of the client. Without client engagement and motivation, our job as a consultant is doomed and pointless. Lack of engagement will lead to a lack of implementation, meaning every phase of the consulting process was for nothing because the client will not follow through with the suggestions made. In order to ensure that the client remains engaged, Block (2011) suggested a few options: renegotiate expectations, emphasize openness and transparency, emphasize the importance of working together, and choose commitment and accountability. Renegotiating expectations is necessary when the client shows a lack of engagement; this emphasizes to them that there are expectations of both parties and each must follow through. When openness and transparency exists, clients are less likely to lack engagement because they feel comfortable expressing concerns. Along the same lines, when clients understand that working together is important, they are less likely to exhibit lack of engagement because they are more comfortable.

Support from leaders is another issue that may affect the effectiveness of the team. If leaders are not on board with the team’s reframing and implementation suggestions, nobody in the organization will follow through. This ties in with what was learned this week from the Bolman and Deal (2017) reading on leadership and the multiple frames that a leader needs. If managers view things through one frame, their team or organization will not succeed. It is along the same lines as being open-minded; when one is open-minded, they are able to see things from multiple perspectives and come to conclusions that are more beneficial. In order to ensure that leadership is on board and maintains a multi-frame view, my team will maintain the open communication aforementioned, and ensure that they are involved in the process.

Business Consulting

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