business enterprise

business enterprise.

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Respond to two of the four discussion questions. You’ll want to provide a thoughtful, 100+ word response for each of the discussion questions that you select. Think of these as ‘essay questions’.In your response, clearly demonstrate an understanding of the concepts from the readings and lecture notes relating to the topics. Incorporate examples in your explanation that demonstrates your understanding the material.


1.Describe the five factors of production. What two factors of production create wealth for society? Include examples in your responses.

2.Which of the environmental factors might have the most significant impact on businesses? How?

3.Describe the differences between fiscal and monetary policy? Include current examples in your explanation.

4.What are the four degrees of competition, and what are some examples of each?

Instructions: Please title your work and click “Attachments” to upload your assignment and/or document files.

business enterprise

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