business intelligence

business intelligence.

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Part one:

Go to… and find the January/February 2012 edition titled “Special Issue: The Future of Healthcare.” Read the article “Predictive Analytics—Saving Lives and Lowering Medical Bills.”

Answer the following questions:

1. What problem is being addressed by applying predictive analytics?

2. What is the FICO Medication Adherence Score?

3. How is a prediction model trained to predict the FICO Medication Adherence Score HoH? Did the prediction model classify the FICO Medication Adherence Score?

4. Zoom in on Figure 4, and explain what technique is applied to the generated results.

5. List some of the actionable decisions that were based on the prediction results.

6. Find information about IBM Watson’s activities in the healthcare field.

Part two:

1. Discuss the difficulties in measuring the intelligence of machines.

2. View the video and summarize the advice given to the major issues discussed.

3. identify the major AI drivers.

4. Explore the AI-related products and services of Nuance Inc. ( Explore the Dragon voice recognition product.

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business intelligence

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