case about Should a Female Director “Tone It Down”?

case about Should a Female Director “Tone It Down”?.

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  • Read the case study: Should a Female Director “Tone It Down”?
  • Review the PPT Case Study Supplemental Notes
  • Consider these questions:
  1. How much of the problem that Sarah is encountering can we ascribe to gender bias? Does the organization hold her to a different set of behavior standards because she is a woman?
  2. What are her options for being effective, given this possible bias?
  3. Has Sarah’s personal style had a role in creating the situation she faces? If so, what role?
  4. What options does she have for repairing her relationships with the board and the management team? Should she “tone it down” or “stick to her guns”? What should Sarah do now?
  • Select your presentation group (e.g., Case Study Group #1, Case Study Group #2, etc). From within your group, select Group Discussion Board, and then the Forum “Case Study Discussion 3/3/20”.
  • Write a thoughtful, complete answer to each of the above questions on that Forum.

At 6:45 PM, additional information will become available on Blackboard.

Between 6:45 PM – Midnight on 3/3/20

  • Read the additional note “The Experts Respond”, and answer the additional question:
  1. Would you modify your original recommendations for Sarah, having considered these additional viewpoints?
  • Now read and comment on at least two of your groupmates’ analyses.

case about Should a Female Director “Tone It Down”?

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