CHFD225 Assignment 3 Changing Roles

CHFD225 Assignment 3 Changing Roles.

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As we have seen in our readings thus far, the American Family has undergone many changes. These changes are impacting relationships, marriage, families, and parenthood. Of these 4 areas, choose 1 area that is of most interest to you to do some additional research on the changes that have occurred. Find 2 recent (within the last 5-7 years) scholarly articles on the area that you have selected that reflect the changes that have occurred. Briefly summarize each article and then compare and contrast the 2 articles. Your paper will include an introduction of the topic, a no more than 2 paragraph summary for each article selected, a 1-2 paragraph discussion comparing and contrasting the information found. Please create your assignment as an APA formatted word document to included a cover page, a reference page and APA formatted citations throughout. You will NOT need an abstract for this assignment. Please see the grading rubric below.

Note: if you are unsure of what a scholarly article is, please see the resources in the Library.

Another resource: What is a Scholarly Article? may also be helpful.

For help with APA formatting:…

CHFD225 Assignment 3 Changing Roles

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