Children Education and development

Children Education and development.

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Please answer all questions with approximately a single space page each. Cite and quote sources

1. Explain the “new” mind as developed by Descartes. How did it modify the Greco-Roman variant? Identify three problems that came up and explain how they affected psychology and/or education. How did Darwinism set the stage for undermining this new mind and shift to a new “behavioral” one?

2. What are the five problems with rewards according to Alfie Kohn? Give an example pf each? What are some of the solutions he offers?

3. Explain the origins of childhood according to Postman in detail. Where does the work of Aries fit into this? How does this relate to technology? Do you agree with his argument? What is currently happening with childhood? Do you agree? Provide your own evidence?

Children Education and development

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