Choose 2 Topics From The List below To Research On

Choose 2 Topics From The List below To Research On.

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Research areas and topic formulation (Continuous Assessment 1)

It is believed that formulating a research topic is fifty percent work done. In other words, you have a clear picture of what you are planning to study. In further words, you are well aware of what tools your study will employ to investigate your research topic.

Suggested topics:

1. Social Media Audiences: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Real-time Political Campaigning – Trump’s use of Twitter (a case study)

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Political Representations in the World of Digits.

4. Attitudes towards voting among young adults in Bulgaria.

5. E-voting

6. Double speak in politics: use of metaphors, euphemisms, political jargon among others.

7. News Values – what makes events news and what likelihood there is for evens to hit the headlines of leading media. (a class discussion and analysis)

8. Brexit – an overview; polarized attitudes in the UK , as well as many other aspects of the phenomenon.

9. Impeachment – comparative/contrasting occurrences in the world of politics.

Choose 2 Topics From The List below To Research On

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