CMR108 Class 6

CMR108 Class 6.

Help me study for my Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

The Seller is a company that manufactures and sells the metal parts that are the lift latch in a seat belt. The Buyer of these parts purchases the metal pieces and then incorporates these parts into a completed seat belt that is then sold to automobile manufacturers. Before the Buyer buys any parts, the Buyer tells the Seller it must sign the attached Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

Read through the Terms and Conditions.Assuming that you are the Seller:

1.List 3 paragraphs (by paragraph number) that you do not like and either want deleted from the Terms and Conditions of Purchase or revised. (3 Points)

2.List 3 paragraphs (by paragraph number) that you do not understand.Pick one of these paragraphs, and using the internet or another source, research and then explain the meaning. (5 Points)

3.As the Seller, revise 2 paragraphs or add 2 paragraphs (or any combination of revisions and additions that total 2) to make the Terms and Conditions more favorable. HINT: Think about the business terms and legal terms; review Section 13-2 in the Book. Also, you may want to read: (6 Points)

4.As the Seller, do you sign the Terms and Conditions? Very briefly, explain why or why not? (1 Point)

CMR108 Class 6

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