Communication for Effective Leaders

Communication for Effective Leaders.

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Research a recent crisis a well-known organization has experienced. Assess how the leaders communicated during the crisis situation. A successful submission will address these aspects of how the leaders handled the crisis:

• Did they take responsibility for the crisis? • Did they build trust with stakeholders? • Did they communicate a plan for resolving the crisis? • Did the leader build trust or use expertise to persuade the audience? • Was there a particular communication style used? • What communication channels were utilized? • Was there an example of a communication breakdown that can be explained? • Was cross-cultural communication a component of the crisis at all?

Charts, graphs, figures, pictures, and visual graphics are encouraged. The final slide should include a list of sources utilized in form of a list of References.

Grading Rubric:

60% Quality of Content, Explanation of Crisis, and addressing the 8 assigned questions

30% Professionalism of Slideshow, neatness, accuracy, grammar, spelling, attractive layout

10% References Slide

Communication for Effective Leaders

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