Compare management topics to article

Compare management topics to article.

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Management in the Headlines (MITH)

Management in the Headlines is a group assignment designed to highlight the way our course topics relate to current events.To complete this assignment, your group will submit a newspaper article (published no earlier than January 1, 2015 in outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times, Globe and Mail; please include bibliographic information) and provide a 1-3 pages reflection (typed, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins) detailing how that newspaper article relates to our latest course topics (see below for prompts to help you tackle the assignment).Being a group assignment, students will gain exposure to various perspectives, benefit and learn from different writing styles/strengths, and if each group member contributes at least one newspaper article, then groups will benefit from having a greater number of articles from which to choose.

Groups will have class time (approximately 20 minutes) to discuss potential newspaper articles, and approximately one week later, on behalf of the entire group, a designated group member will submit the final submission.Submissions are accepted online and due at the start of class.Late assignments are not accepted.During the discussion period, the following questions could be posed with regards to each possible newspaper article; the richness of your answers should determine which article to ultimately select for your written assignment:

  • Through this newspaper article, are any management course concepts challenged?
  • Having read this newspaper article, do you see the need to refine any of our course material to better capture the reality of organizational life?
  • What changes would our management course material suggest in order to improve the practice(s) featured in your newspaper article?
  • How would you use our management course material to support the initiatives/new practices featured in your newspaper article?
  • Why should a management student read this article?

You are free to answer any or all of the above questions in your final submission.Please do not feel any pressure to address all the questions, as some of them might not apply.You can even pose your own questions as they arise.


Compare management topics to article

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