Complete Adult Education IP UNIT 3 (AIU)

Complete Adult Education IP UNIT 3 (AIU).

I’m working on a Philosophy exercise and need support.

please refer to my UNIT IP 2 ASSIGNMENT that I have attached for my topic and information behind my adult education manual about teaching adults the benefits of social media for career reasons

Unit 3 IP 250 Points available see the attached scoring rubric


Based on the verbs chosen during the creation of the training behavioral learning objectives from Unit 2, submit the curriculum ASSESSMENTS and ANSWER KEYS. While the type and variety of assessments is up to the candidate creating the manual, the assessments must align with the verb choice and cognitive level determined during Unit 2. This includes any tests, authentic assessment, or diagnostic products that will be used to check the objective mastery.


Scoring rubric Adult Education Unit 3 IP 2

50 Points

Content and Purpose: The paper must be a collection of the tests to be used in the training manual to assess the completion of the objectives for each unit.An answer key or scoring rubric must accompany the tests or assignment descriptions.15/15 points earned

Organization, Grammar & presentation: The paper is well organized listing the unit title, objectives for the unit, test questions or assignment description, and answer key or scoring rubric. There are no spelling and grammatical errors. 15/15 points earned

Information Literacy- No sources are needed as all work must be original.7/7 points earned

Critical thinking; the analysis of the subject to be taught is clearly apparent in the assessments chosen.Assessment of student mastery of the objectives will be clearly defined by the assessments and scoring tools provided. 13/13 points earned

Complete Adult Education IP UNIT 3 (AIU)

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