consumer behavior- interactive ads

consumer behavior- interactive ads.

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This week you were assigned reading for chapters 3 and 4 with some additional supplemental reading. One of the links was “7 Great Examples of Interactive Ads” developed by Cassinelli (2017).

For this discussion, you are to find an example of an interactive ad video, print, or image you can share with the class. To upload, you can provide a link or use the “insert stuff” or “insert image” options above.

I would like to address the following regarding what you are sharing.

1) Who is the target? How do you know this?

2) Is it effective? (Do not tell me yes/no, but instead WHY)

3) Using the factors described in the text (page 63 in the 7th edition/ page 65 in the 8th edition), list the factors that are applicable to your example (this probably means you will need to reference the text in your submission).

You are required to use proper APA formatting, spelling, and grammar for this submission. Please do not write short responses if you would like to earn full credit. You need to fully explain your answers to the above questions.


Cassinelli, A. (2017, January 24). 7 great examples of interactive ads. Retrieved from

consumer behavior- interactive ads

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