Cool Widgets, Inc. Solution Proposal: Part 1

Cool Widgets, Inc. Solution Proposal: Part 1.

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Cool Widgets, Inc. Solution Proposal: Part 1

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the lecture and the materials in the required resources for this week. Additionally, review past materials in this course to help you prepare for the final assignment. You are the Senior Business Systems Analyst (BSA) charged with analyzing CWI’s mail delivery problem and proposing a solution to address the issue. You have worked hard these past six weeks on elicitation, requirements gathering, modeling, analysis, and Agile techniques. Now, it is time to present your findings and propose a solution to help solve the issue.

Your proposal takes two separate forms. The first part is a 5- to 10-minute audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation to executive and senior management. The second part is an 8- to 10-page summary paper that provides the primary findings and the details of your proposal which will be submitted via Waypoint on the Week 6 – Final Project Part 2 page. Both parts are required to complete the assignment.

Part 1: Cool Widgets, Inc. Solution Proposal Audio-Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

Your audio-narrated presentation must be 5- to 10-minutes in duration. Your presentation must include 8- to 10- audio-narrated presentation slides to the executive board or senior management. If you need help with audio-narration in PowerPoint, review Microsoft’s Record a Slide Show with Narration and Slide Timings (Links to an external site.) guide.

In your audio-narrated presentation,

  • Explain how you formulated the business system requirements based on information elicited from users and stakeholders.
    • Identify the primary user requirements that were identified using context and the scope of work concept from the text.
    • Identify your choice of the model used for describing business problem.
    • Discuss the business system requirements for addressing the problem and include the elicitation techniques you used in the requirements gathering process.
  • Explain the primary functional differences between the current state and future state using effective communication appropriate to the stakeholder audience.
    • Identify diagrams for current and future states.
  • Explain the solution recommendations using effective communication appropriate to your stakeholder audience.
    • Discuss the solution and how it addresses the business problem and user pain points.

Upload and submit your audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation for grading. To submit your assignment, click the Submit Assignment button.

Proceed to the Week 6 – Final Project Part 2 to submit your summary paper.

Cool Widgets, Inc. Solution Proposal: Part 1

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