could you please paraphrase

could you please paraphrase.

I’m working on a Science question and need guidance to help me study.

I would like you to paraphrase this >>


The equipment is turned ON and the Centrifugal Pump Excel spreadsheet is opened from the Bb. The green button on the left panel is pressed and then the left and right panels are set to zero by pressing black colored buttons. Then the suction and discharge valves are turned on slowly turned to quarter until the handles are inline with the pipes. Then the pump is turned and the motor rpm is set to 2500 rpm by slowly turning black colored motor speed control knob. After allowing the equipment to stabilize for 30 obtain the readings of pressures, torque, motor speed and power. Now, increase the delivery pressure by 0.1 bar, again note down the before readings. All the above steps are repeated at 1500 rpm and the readings are noted. Lastly, the above steps are repeated by decreasing the suction pressure to 0.05 bar and the readings are obtained. Then the equipment is stopped by fully opening the suction valve.

With the obtained readings, the following sample calculations are done and the required plots are plotted.

could you please paraphrase

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