Cover letter

Cover letter.

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Based on the job/internship listing you choose , write a cove letter as if you were applying to the position.

Cover Letter of Application

In a single page, you will write a cover letter of application for a job/internship. Please follow proper business formatting, as outlined below. The letter is your first and maybe only chance to make a good impression, so be sure to provide all the most important details. Using the information found in the job/internship listing, target your letter specifically to that company and that position. You should also design a professional-looking letterhead using fonts of your choice.


  • Margins are 1”
  • Full-block style (all paragraphs and lines begin flush left, except letterhead)
  • Blank line between each paragraph
  • Font should be Times New Roman 12pt (except for your name in the letterhead)

Grading Criteria:

  • Format of your letter
  • Information you choose to provide about yourself (and whether it matches the job ad)
  • Order in which the information is presented (most important first)
  • Grammar and punctuation.

Cover letter

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