cp 2 1 page

cp 2 1 page.

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Please use Coke as the company

Part 1 Identify all the ways you can obtain support from the company by answering the following questions.Prepare a short summary of your findings in at least one paragraph.

  • Is telephone support available? If so, during what hours is telephone support available?
  • Is email support available? If so, does the company guarantee a response to emails within a stated time frame?If yes, what is the time frame?
  • Are FAQs available on the company’s website?
  • What other ways, if any, can you obtain support?

Part 2 Research Script Writing Best Practices.You work as a service desk analyst for the company and believe the service desk can enhance its services by using a short how-to video.Use the web to research script writing best practices to use for a training video.After you finish your research, prepare the following information in your own words in at least 2 paragraphs.

  • Benefits of using a video to provide ad-hoc training to your customers
  • 5 tips for creating an effective script for a how-to video
  • 2-3 steps the viewer can take to get started on an effective script

cp 2 1 page

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