Cp1 one page

Cp1 one page.

I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

  • Search the Web of Coke that provides service desk outsourcing services. Visit the company’s website and then write a paragraph that answers the following questions:
  • What services do they deliver?
  • What do they consider standards services, and what do they offer as optional services?
  • How do they distinguish themselves from the competition?
  • What do they say about their staff?
  • What do they say about hiring practices?
  • What do they say about satisfying their customers?

Next, create a Project Plan, which is a summary document that describes the capstone project tasks and timeline.Follow the link and read the article “10 questions to ask as you plan our project” http://www.dummies.com/careers/project-management/10-questions-to-ask-as-you-plan-your-project/

Cp1 one page

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