Criminal Justice Term Paper

Criminal Justice Term Paper.

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Term Paper Assignment

You are expected to complete and turn in a term paper based on an interview with a person who has been involved in the criminal justice system. You will be expected to broach several topics during the interview. The focus of your paper are the following sections:

1) How is the interviewee involved with the CJ system and was brought them there (i.e., what made

them go into CJ if it’s a career).

2) Discuss crime control vs. due process models. This means you may have to educate the

interviewee on what those terms mean.

3) Does the CJ system lean more toward the crime control or the due process models, in the

interviewee’s opinion.

4) Is the system okay, or does it need to shift from the model the person believes the system leans

toward to the opposite side (i.e. if they say it leans toward crime control, should it move toward

due process).

5) If the interviewee feels it needs to shift, how can that be done.

6) Based on the interviewee’s answers, how do you feel about the system. If it needs to shift, how

can that be done.

Interviewee ideas (not an exhaustive list): Attorneys, judicial assistants, court reporters, bailiffs, police

officers, correctional officers, probation officers, criminal psychologists, judges, criminal defendants, victims

Things to note:

1) Grammar matters. You can lose up to 25 points for bad grammar.

2) If you state a fact in your paper, cite it following the allowable formats.

3) You do not need to write an abstract or anything like that. All you need is a cover page, the paper itself,

and any reference list.

Your paper should be 5-7 pages long, typed, double-spaced with 12-point font and 1” margins. You must use

ASA or APA style for your citations.

Criminal Justice Term Paper

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