Critique of a Research Paper – Health Hazard Topic

Critique of a Research Paper – Health Hazard Topic.

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Select a scholarly article, from PubMed/Google Scholar related to the course topics, health hazard data analysis, read and submit a critique of the article. Following is a guideline to write the critique of the research paper up to 500 words.

What is the hazard being assessed, individual or combination asked: Goal/objective

Is the background appropriate? Is something missing about what is known already and how does this address environmental health risk, hazards, exposure, policy or application?

Methods used/appropriate (study design)

  • Selection of Participants/models-What criteria was used
  • What are the confounders?
  • Statistical Approach
  • Normalization of data (is the data generalizable?)
  • Sample size
  • Results (method of presenting results)
  • How do the tables/charts/graphs look?
  • Would a graph work better?
  • Format, calculations


  • Did the author(s) meet the objective?
  • Did they interpret data correctly?
  • Did they cite relevant references?
  • Thorough background check conducted? (did you check citations?)
  • Is the paper inconclusive?
  • Did other studies say something contradictory?


  • Appropriate or inadequate interpretation?
  • Is there scientific advancement (potential) and new ideas?

Critique of a Research Paper – Health Hazard Topic

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