crj 301 final exam

Directions:Choose one of the questions below and compose an answer.  Your written response should be at least five hundred words in length and should utilize APA guidelines.


1.            Bill wants to kill Charlie. Bill, who is standing in state A, looks and sees Charlie standing a few feet from him, but in state B. Bill shoots and kills Charlie. Who has jurisdiction to try Bill? Why?


2.            Dick struck Bill with his fist. Bill was drunk at the time. The blow caused Bill’s death, who would not have died had he been sober at the time, according to the testimony of the medical examiner. Is Dick liable for Bill’s death? Explain.


3.            Smith has intercourse with Alice, a prostitute, who she says is 19 years old. Actually she is only 17 years, 10 months old. Assume that the state law sets 18 years as the age of consent. What is Smith’s legal position?


4.         Police enter a bar. Two patrons get up and run out. The police discover a package of heroin taped under the table where two were seated. Is this sufficient to justify their arrest for possession? Does it make any difference that this is a public place?

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