culture religilon


Choose a culture or religion different from your own (approved by professor) and compare and contrast to your own culture or religion as it relates to death and dying. You must physically engage another culture or religion by conducting interviews, attending a service or cultural activity, etc.

  • Include a separate cover sheet with your name,  number, “Project 2/Cultural Project: (“the title of your chosen religion or culture vs. “Your own religion/culture”), for example: Christianity vs. Buddhism or American Funerals vs. Japanese Funerals; and include the date.


  • Type a double-spaced written report, separate each of the areas of study listed below.


  • References must be cited at the end of your document; check proper format of APA or MLA style.


  • Include an introduction summarizing of your experience/interview, etc., then separate each of the items below showing the comparison/contrast in each of the following and use each item as a paragraph heading:


  • Life Implications to Death Beliefs

  • Death and Dying Traditions (burial, songs, dances, scriptures, readings, etc. (be very specific and detailed).

  • After-Life Beliefs

  • Grieving Practices including (adults and children’s roles and responsibilities)

  • Other unrelated traditions, practices or beliefs, (give 3 to 5 examples), etc., that are a part of the general culture or religion NOT related to death and dying.


Complete Information included, and compare/contrast information 8


Effective grammar, spelling and error-free 2

 (10 Points Total)










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