data collection

data collection.

I’m trying to learn for my Economics class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Basically it is a project to build a economy model to monitor retail sector market. The topic is about monitor retail market. Explore who are the major to make up retails. Find some series of data to create a model for retail market stress. It should be mainly focus on the 5 parts. Consumer, durable and non-durable manufacture, retail sector and E-commerce. Use sentiment measure.

Here is the assignment requirement.

  • 1) Collect all of the data needed for analysis

  • Post the data you collect in an organized fashion to the shared Google drive
  • Describe the data in detail verbally and statistically.
  • Please follow the data screening outline described here to describe the properties of your data:
  • Note that coding may be required for each of the projects to transform the data first before describing it.

I have found some data, you can just add into the file that you are going to submit.

data collection

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